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Eating In – where to buy great food

Thereís an abundance of great food, all within a few miles of Tregiffian.

Organic veg, fresh out of the ground that morning: Saturdays only, but worth getting up for!

Guy opens his little shed /shop at 10.00 every Saturday to a queue of those in the know. He sells his seasonal fresh cut herbs and vegetables very quickly.

He also has frozen organic meat from his own farm.

Great butchers – there are plenty: Hereís our favourites:

Vivian Olds in St Just, but out of the centre on Chapel Street. Hardly easy to find, but worth the effort, even if itís just for the time warp shop and great banter. Itís a joy to watch these butchers who really know their trade. Try their hogs pudding with your breakfast. I fry up a few slices, though my dad always ate it as it comes.

And look out for their van at Tregiffian on Saturday mornings.

Or if youíre in Penzance go to Lenternís at the top of Chapel Street. They farm all their own meat just a few miles from the shop, so thereís no worry about food miles there.

Thereís a slow cooker in the house, great for putting on in the morning, so you can come back to heavenly smells and great food at the end of the day, almost as soon as youíre back in the door.

Delicatessen: Cocoís in Penzance, opposite the entrance to the dominating Lloyds Bank for great bread from the local Blue Mango artisan bakery, as well as meats, coffees and other deli treats.

Fish: Go to Newlyn! Thereís everything you could hope for, much of it freshly landed.

Booze: While Iím no fan of supermarkets, I recommend the Co-op in St Just. Their wines are excellent and thereís nearly always a great bargain to be had. And of course you know that your money is going into a good business.

To buy good wines and a wide range of beers thereís a specialist at the top of Bread Street in Penzance.

Youíll also find a whole lot of food for sale at the roadside, often at low prices.