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From just a short stroll down to the beach to a full day’s hike there are so many options to choose from.

There’s an OS Pathfinder map in the cottage so just take your pick where to go. After many years we have a couple of favourites which I’ve included here.

The Valley Walk

Probably only 3.5 miles and taking anything from an hour, depending on how often you stop. This is definitely our most trodden path, simply because it combines the exposure of open fields, a sheltered valley, rugged coast and finishes with the beauty of Gwenver beach, where a swim will invigorate, if the conditions allow. And of course there’s the convenience of not needing to drive anywhere.

Out of the gravelled parking area turn right onto the lane. At the first bend turn off the lane and onto the footpath that runs along the edge of the fields. The path across the fields is sign posted, but in case the signs are getting over grown – at the first Cornish hedge turn right and walk down hill with the hedge on your left until the stile.

Climb over the stile and look across the field to the next stile by the gate and walk to it. Then turn right down the lane (Grumbla Farm is up to your left), over the stream and up to the tarmac road. Now turn left down through the beautiful Nanquidno Valley, with the stream on your left until you cross a small bridge just before Nanjulian Farm. Follow the path with the stream now on your right until you get to the former mill. Just after the mill turn left and follow the path down to the sea.

There’s no beach at this point. Just lovely huge boulders of shiny white granite.

Look out for seals, or if you’re lucky, a pod of dolphins or porpoise.

Follow the coast path south (with the sea of your right) and eventually you’ll reach Gwenver beach. On your left at one point there is a cave running off on the level, this is an old (ventilation shaft?) from one of the mines that once worked the area.

From Gwenver you have the choice of continuing on to Sennen, along the beach if the tide is out, or along the cliff path, or you can climb up the steep steps and come out at the lane again, turn left and you should recognise the route back to Tregiffian.

Two pubs, a good walk and a great meal

You need to drive a bit for this. Drive through St Just and head for St Ives. After a few miles you’ll pass the Gurnard’s Head Hotel. You’ll be back here later. Another two miles towards St Ives is the quaint hamlet of Zennor. Park in the car park, just past the old chapel (now backpackers). In Zennor there’s the Wayside Museum and a lovely old church (look for the mermaid carved on one of the pews. Whet your whistle in the Tinner’s Arms before your walk. Then set off on the path that runs between the church and the pub.